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i want to plant the roots of my inner peace so deep

that the external winds of chaos and change won't phase me.

>  james mccrae

welcome, and thanks for dropping in

hello, friend! my name is sara and I am so grateful you're here. I am an emotional wellness seeker, yogi, and breathwork superfan. I am also a people lover, nature lover, and empath. I have a deep appreciation for mind-body connection and have learned the importance of taking good care of my nervous system.


my mission is to help others understand and reconnect with their body in a way that helps to manage the overwhelm of big feelings. I believe that health and happiness are attainable for everyone, we sometimes just need to learn how to clear out the noise and access the right tools. Through awareness and intentionality, and with an open mind and a little bit of guidance, we can all learn to regain control, find balance, and recreate our life from a state of presence, peace, and joy.


you'll find more info throughout this site on emotional wellness, finding and feeling freedom, my own journey, and details on how we can create magic for you.  If any of it resonates, please drop a note. I would love to connect!

why emotional wellness?

emotional wellness is the ability to manage our body's response to a stressor in a way which enables the nervous system to return home to its state of balance. Everything we feel traces back to our body's capacity to process stressors - big or small, perceived or real, acute or chronic - and the state of our emotions determines our ability to navigate challenges in a way that fosters adaptation. In a moment's notice, we are presented with two choices: we maintain control of thoughts, feelings, behaviors or we become subservient to reactivity, overwhelm.


like food, emotions travel through all the diverse pathways of our body and have an immense impact on all body systems. If not processed, toxic residue implants deep into the organs, tissues, muscles, and brain, continuing on an endless loop until that blocked energy eventually manifests into physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.


emotional regulation is our ability to meet uneasy feelings with an openness that allows the experience to metabolize through the physical body. Regulating our nervous system means meeting the discomfort and feeling through every sensation so that we can return to home base. Shaking, moving, swaying, breathing, feeling, crying. Our bodies have a beautiful capacity to recover from emotional wounds, regardless of how much time has passed, we just have to let them. Through somatics, breath, mindfulness, we encourage our body - our nervous system - to find its freedom.

reactions are not unique to humans - animals experience and express emotions, and, though they don't have a central nervous system to process feelings, plants also register and respond to external stimuli. However, what is unique to our breed is the tendency to hold on to icky feelings long after they stop serving a purpose.

emotions are a gift. They are signals from the body that a deeper need is waiting to be met. They play a valuable role in understanding self, but they can also seem very big - sometimes bigger than what we believe we are equipped to handle. This is where a coach can be of value, to step in and help provide tools that support understanding and return to balance. If this sounds like something you're interested in exploring, let's chat. I'd love to meet you and help in any areas of your life where you'd like to embrace release. Healing is a choice, peace is a choice. Let's choose it together, one day at a time, one modality at a time, in a way that feels good to your body and your mind.



throughout our day, we experience an array of emotions. Like colors, there are primary emotions (the immediate response felt inside the body) and secondary emotions (more delayed, subjective, intense).

together, we can explore the complex world of emotions, understand how to identify the ways they manifest in the physical body, and try techniques to re-establish your version of balance. We will create goals that work for you and take everything one day at a time.

yoga, breathwork, meditation

movement, breath, stillness - all powerful tools available onhand to help explore sense of self and free what's been shoved down the deepest. Whether you are looking to build energy and shake it out, you prefer something more grounding, or a combination of the two, I would love to guide you through an experience of surrender and return, using any variation of below methods:

         traditional yoga flow
         kundalini, shaking, free movement

         yin, restorative, nidra
         self massage, myofascial release
         somatic release techniques
         guided meditation
         emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping

let's get started
the invitation is waiting

let's connect!


if you're curious to understand more, I'd love to meet you.

thanks so much for reaching out. i'll be in touch soon!

lokah   samastah   sukhino   bhavantu

may all beings everywhere be happy and free

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