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who am i?

a question with an answer as static as the wind. I'm always discovering things about myself and I actively try to release identities, but the parts of life that make me feel alive can give a taste of who I am:



i am a Florida native, but a mountain girl at heart. I live to feel earth beneath my bare feet. I love nature and hold a dear respect for animals, in awe of all that I can learn from both. I will never tire of breathing in the beauty of every cloud, sunrise, tree, flower, bumblebee, and creature. I believe that all living things have value, and wild plants and animals give my heart the warmth of home.

i am always working on how to access new parts of myself, and my current focus has been uncovering ways in which I can foster creativity in my life. Embodiment is so important to me as a guide, and I am learning to approach my own life as an artwork-in-progress, which is then poured into the experiences I create for others.

i hold myself accountable to a set of values that prioritize gratitude, empathy, and respect. On the weekends you'll find me hiking, kayaking, foraging; at a yoga or pilates class; and spending all the time with my husband, his son, and our sweetest bunny Melvin.


emotional wellness

corporate worker-bee, high-strung, rule follower, people pleaser. Angry, victimized, entitled, closed-minded. These are all attributes that can be used to describe most of my existence, each an independent and collective contributor to why I am too familiar with what it's like to live in a perpetual state of stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm.


there came a turning point in my life when I realized that I have autonomy over my reactions. I recognized that how I handle life's curveballs is a choice, and I decided that I wanted to release the negativity constantly swirling around my head (read: heart). I chose change.


through self-reflection and somatics, I have been able to see that much of my suffering has been perceived. Self-induced pressure I place on myself. Totally unconscious of it, I was creating a breeding environment to perpetuate more suffering, and I found myself unwinding complicated consequences to a simple, straightforward, and preventable problem.


over time, and with consistent work, I have come to understand the value of stillness. I have learned how to listen for cues from my body and work with the feels, so that I can honor what is needed to find emotional balance (read: freedom). By slowly shifting habits and mindset, and making a daily commitment to the process, I've learned what it feels like to recreate my baseline in a way that makes peace accessible on a moment-by-moment basis.

there are times i wish I could take a magic eraser to my former habits, but I'm conscious that all parts have to work together to make a whole - past, present, and future are all important in completing the self, and none would be available without both of its counterparts. I wouldn't be where I am today, with the understanding that I now have, without those qualities. The work of unlearning is so humbling, and I am so grateful for the perspective it has given me. The solution is often simple, but when hardship is pushed down so deep for so long, it feels impossible to fight through the overgrowth. I  am here to tell you - I am living proof - that there is a way up & out.


it's impossible to uncouple my yoga journey with my emotional wellness one, as the two are so closely intertwined. My yoga journey began at a time when I was looking to quiet the external noise and seek healing from within. Exercise was not at all a part of my life, so when I found yoga, I appreciated exploring movement in a way that felt welcoming, gentle, enjoyable. As I continued to traverse the landscape of yoga as a lifestyle, the changes in my body took root on a much deeper level. Cellular and permanent. Through awareness, stillness, and breath, I began to unravel layer by layer and access a sense of  fulfillment and peace.

yoga completely changed my life. I am a better person for it, both to myself and to the world. It has gifted me purpose and perspective. It is an outward expression of inward movement. It provides space to ground, to find expansion, to return home to self. It allows the mind to still and the body to open, unbound by any need for an outcome. It’s sitting with discomfort and making a conscious decision to create openings from sticky sensations. It’s letting go of "should" and surrendering to a process, trusting that it will carry you every step of the way. It is a practice of awareness, presence, intention. And it’s exactly that - a practice. There’s no finish line, no end goal. It’s a daily check-in, an opportunity to see where you're being asked to grow yesterday vs today vs tomorrow. It’s commitment and purposefulness, never perfection. And how beautifully freeing that is!

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